Shotgun loading training resources

One of the things that new shooters find hard is loading a shotgun quickly.  In the last couple of years new caddies (cartridge holders) have become available that make loading easier and quicker.  They do still require that you practice a bit and your shotgun may need to have slight modifications to make it easier.

At Shield we carry stock of all the latest caddies from Carbon Arms and Taccom.  We can also arrange training and Steve can advise on gun modification and carry out the work for you.

Below are some videos that will show you what is possible and give you a few hints and tips.

The two videos below show what is possible with the new caddies.  The show the load 8 and load 12 drills.  Both are good practice drills and keeping track of your times will give you an indication of how you are improving.

Here I review the carbon Arms FSL12 and SSLP8 products

Where to start?

The next video shows the technique for load 4 and then again in slow motion so you can get a better look.  The second video gives you a few more pointers and tips on training with loading.  The third shows loading when the gun runs dry.

For more information on caddies, how to use them and training give Steve a call on 01308-482626

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