Practice Ideas

I see quite a few shooters turn up and just shoot.  There is nothing wrong with that but you really need to have a think before you get to the range about what you want to achieve.  If you turn up with a goal in mind your session will be more productive.  Some times it can be hard to know what to do so over the coming months I will post some ideas that you can copy and integrate into your own training.

Lets start with whats available at the range.

After a competition the stages will be taken down and sometime you turn up and all the ranges will be empty so you have to get a little creative.  It can take 10-20 minutes to set up your own stage but the rewards are many.  The easiest way is to go and ask Steve to tell you what to set up.  He has a million years experience and knows where everything is.  If you havent seen before in the car park there is a metal cage full of practice targets.  There are big and small ones.  There are red no shoots and no shoots with holes in to shoot through.  By range one there are all the bases for paper rifle targets and around the side of the hut there are the actual targets.  New targets are always available from Steve.  On and around the ranges you will find tyres.  There is also a practice set of steel targets.  These can be used with shotgun, rifle and pistol.  Please only use shotgun on steel targets that have steel legs.  The wooden ones used in Steel Challenge competitions get shredded by shotguns.

We now have a new hanging steel range with six targets on a scaffolding frame.  These are really good for practicing speed drills and you can get a lot done in a short period of time as there is no need to reset.

Last week we decided to practice some two gun for the upcoming competition at Christmas.  Looking at range three there were a couple of screens left over from the last comp and a pile of truck tyres.  We loaded the wheel barrow with targets.  Threw out a few tyres.  Found some no shoots and this is what we came up with.

If you get to the range just after a competition it can be a good idea to rerun some of the stages.  Try out a few different ways of shooting it and see which is faster for you.  Rerunning comps is good practice but don’t get caught up in doing it over and over for a fast time.  You can also try a stage and add or take away some targets.

In this next session the equipment is minimal.  Two start boxes and 12 targets.  You can get a lot done with this combination and its the basis of all my training drills.

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