Getting Started

Starting shooting in England can seem a little daunting.  There are laws to comply with, forms to fill out and it can take up to six months before you can buy and shoot your own gun.

Before you go through all this, make sure it is something that you enjoy and something that you want to invest time and money in.  Come along to the club and see what we do.  Come and watch a competition or book a place on a introduction courses for shotgun and rifle.

The best way to get started is to pick up the phone and call Steve on 01308-482626.  He can advise you what is available and how to go about it.

To get a firearms certificate you must be a member of a recognised club and prove amongst other things that you shoot regularly.  Once you join a club you will be surrounded by like minded people and they will help you with the forms and everything that you need to do.

So what can I shoot at Shield?

The main sports at Shield involve section 1 shotguns and semi auto .22 rifles.

A S1 shotgun has the capacity to fire more than three shots.  Competition guns have a capacity between 9 and 13 rounds.  They can be either semi auto (they load themselves) or pump action.  Due to the way UK law is written, to use a S1 shotgun that gun must be named on your license.  This means that a beginner can’t borrow and use one.  What you can use is the same shotgun but in a section 2 format.  These are guns that are restricted to no more than 3 shots.

In the UK the only semi auto rifles that we can use are in .22 calibre.  They have magazines that hold 25 rounds .  Under UK law you can use a club rifle under instruction without having your own firearms certificate.  If you attend one of our introduction courses you will get to use the club Ruger 10/22 and also both of my competition guns – Nordic Ruger 10/22 and Nordic 15/22 AR.

When can I come down?

Shield is open 7 days a week from 10am to 5pm nearly everyday of the year.  It is the only range in the UK that is open all week and the best for practical shooting.  There are 9 ranges, clubhouse and toilet/shower block.  Hot and cold drinks and snacks are available and hot food on competition days.

Please call Steve on 01308-482626 before you come down so he can chat with you about what you want to do and make all the necessary arrangements.

Introductory shooting days are held about once a month when we have enough people to fill the course.  Because most students do not have any kind of firearm or shotgun licence they are planned in advance so that the necessary Police checks can be carried out.

What if I already own a rifle or shotgun?

If you already have a firearms certificate please call Steve on 01308-482626.